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Shri Kamal Mangal
Founder and Chairman of Anand Niketan Group of School

Mr Kamal Mangal is a prominent name in the field of education. Originally a businessman, he turned into a reformist in education when he started his journey as an edupreneur in the year of 1996, when he realised that there was a huge gap in the education system as to what we teach in schools and what is needed in the practical world was vastly different. That is how the first Anand Niketan School came into existence and today his vision is shared across 15 schools - imparting quality education all over Gujarat and neighbouring states. As a self-motivated visionary whose aim has always been to inculcate social and moral values in children through the medium of education, Kamal Ji started his first school as a comprehensive learning centre in the year 1996 at Shilaj, Ahmedabad which is now a leading name in the city, state and country.


Possessing an extremely progressive and fearless attitude, he is always ready to join hands with people sharing the same beliefs and is always enthusiastic to venture towards new horizons for the benefit of children. H3 Preschool is a result of his passion for his favourite subject- designing a 2020 education system- an educational pattern which will connect “today with tomorrow” not “yesterday with today” and will have practical implications for life skills.

Shri Ashok Kumar Thakur
Founder at Muni International School – India

Shri Ashok Thakur is the founder of Muni International School, Delhi. With the intention that "No child is deprived of any opportunity and to maintain, increase and di-use knowledge", he started his journey in the educational field. He believes that the true goal of education is to impart knowledge, keep one's body healthy, make the mind curious to explore, participate in the order of existence, be prosperous, and have a compassionate heart and be full of dreams. He is one of the members who has contributed to the vision and implementation of H3 Pre-School, with a unique, innovative, compelling and impactful methodology.


Catalina Gonzalez
Founder of Literacy

Catalina González is the Founder and Director of Literacy4All, an organization that continues the literacy work started by her father with the abcdespañol(C) program that has reached more than a million people in ten countries. Literacy4All's play-to-learn program, LEMA -Literacy Education and Math Lab-, has been implemented in 4 countries, and has been recognized by the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka as one of 30 pioneer programs changing the way the world learns at the 're-imagine learning competition.' Catalina's work has also been highlighted by the WISE EdHUB and the Center for Education Innovation (CEI) at Research for Development; by Brookings in the book 'Leapfrogging Inequality', and most recently by HundrED, where LEMA was selected as part of the 2019 Global Innovation Collection.